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Sacramento is perfect blend of culture and adventure when it isn't raining


Paradise in California


Welcome to Paradise! Sacramento is California's most famous city for good reason. The scenic beauty, the government employees, the picturesque old town and the friendly people all combine to create an unparalleled vacation experience.

The Capitol

Be sure to visit the capital building and nearby old town. Both offer stunning vista's, fine dining, and superlative shopping.

The Downtown

What our customers say


Dolores and Tom from Cedar Rapids wrote,

We loved Santorini more than any other spot we went. Everything is incredibly beautiful, every vista looks like a postcard. The food and shopping were outstanding and we loved the hotel you picked for us.

Jerry and Elias said,

The food at the little bistro on the roof with the Capitol gives a view of the setting sun is beyond extraordinary. We ate there four times and every item we tried was wonderful. Thanks for all your help in giving us a wonderful trip.

Megan said,

My whole family loved Sacramento. Our hotel was so wonderful with massages and great food. The shopping was fun. But our favorite was the old town area. We like the river and the great little tavernas near the water.

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