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What is the Job and Does it Match?


  • The initial steps
  • The Position
  • Personal Factors
  • The Match


  • Identify your competition – when possible, it’s nice to know who your competing against existing employees or outside candidates.
  • Get feedback from other employees who have moved into the position for which you are applying.  Ask them what they did to prepare and what they found most beneficial to their success.
  • Build a strong network – initiate relationships with others around you – at all levels.  Do people know who you are?  What kind of reputation do you have with others?  These are ways to increase your visibility.
  • Have and work a skill development plan – once you’ve gotten feedback on your style and your skills, develop actions steps for ways to build on your strengths and manage your needs.
  • Don’t procrastinate!  Need we say more – don’t wait until the last minute to throw your name in the hat.




Learn as much as you can about the position for which you are applying.  It’s important that you tailor your approach to each job so the interviewer gets the impression htat your skills match the needs of the position.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Do informational interviews.
  2. Read/study job descriptions
  3. Learn about the area – reporting relationships in the area, etc.
  • If  you choose to conduct some informational interviews, here are some questions to consider asking.
  • What are the major functions of the job?
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of the position?
  • What knowledge is required (marketing, customers, etc)
  • What skills are necessary (writing, sales, prob solv, etc)
  • What personal qualities or traits are needed for this position (self-confidence, assertiveness, etc)
  • Describe a typical day.
  • What do you like best/least about the position?
  • What career path (relocation/hours)?
  • How is the position reviewed?


Make a list of the items common personal attitudes below that are factors an interviewer will look for.  Put a (+) by the factors you feel solid on and put a (-) by those that could use some development.


Outlook in general


Physical appearance, neatness, posture, and dress


Social behavior and emotional stability


Ability to work and get along with others, warmth


Ability  to express thoughts clearly, concisely, effectively


Initiative, drive, enthusiasm, energy, desire to succeed


Mental ability, judgement, alertness, organization of thoughts


Ability to influence others

Self-Confidence and poise

At ease, self-assurance, interest in the challenge


Indication of sincere interest in the organization


Ability to progress


Overall evaluation of the applicant




Integrate the information from “Researching the Position” and “Researching Yourself” – thinking how your particular skills and experience match the requirements for the positon you are applying.

  • How do your work experiences, personal strengths, etc, relate to the position?
  • What do your peers think about your job performance?  Your supervisor?
  • Are you aware of key company priorities?  How well are you implementing them?

What strengths do you want to highlight?
What are you doing to leverage and build upon those strengths?
What are you doing to neutralize your need areas?

Why are you applying for this particular job – what do you have to offer?
What expertise do  you offer that isn’t available from other’s in the company/corporation.