band room

The view of the students receiving the tour briefing in the band room prior to leaving.

Meet our tour staff

When you call our office in Riverside CA, you will be connected to one of our experienced, helpful and friendly tour members. This is the Riverside Kiing Band and color Guard tour staff.

Mr GrayCharles Gray is the Director of the Riverside Band and colorguard. He has 20 years experience in the marching band business and has traveled extensively with many other group both at Rubidoux HS and Riverside King HS.

He will always return your phone calls or give you an update on your students progress anytime.

KevinKevin is our videographer and can always be found sneeking around to record the band events. Kevin is here to cyapture those memorable moments and will eventmake your trip easy and restful so you can enjoy every minute.

Tours for people with special needs such as handicap access or special dietary needs are XXX's favorite to set up, so let Linda know if you have any personal requirements.

hugo-ann-jerryHugo, AnN and Jerry are always on the trips to provide support while on the tour as well as doing double duty as chaparones. Jerry is our transportation expert and his wife Ann provides medical help if needed. Hugo provides immediate technical assistance should your cell phone, Ipod or MP3 player go on the fritz.

In addition to making sure you have your schedule and all your tickets, Huge, for a small fee, will provides help with baggage handling so you luggage will be waiting when and where you need it.

monitorsMOMA G, HUGO and the GILLHOUSE clan are our student supervison team. Moma G knows the reputation of every local restaurant, store, hotel, spa or other business that the kids might come accross while on the tour. Hugo will provide backup and is know to go into establishments to make sure our student are not walking into an unsavery environment.

You can expect to hear from one of them when you return to your room after curfue or if you are not where you were suppose to be. They will ask you at bed check when you are to get up, what uniform you are expected to be in and who is in your room.

jeramyJERAMY is our do-it-all guy. He takes care of all the things we don't want to do. He took all of the pictures you see on this page, washed the truck windows at all gas stops and had a bottomless backpack of snacks.

Thanks to his new bride Anne for letting us have him for the week!.