Appearance deals with every aspect of how we perceive an individual.  In an instant, we form opinions about a person based on that individual’s appearance, smell, cleanliness, and mannerisms.  Those brief seconds define how we treat others or are treated by others.   

Make a good impression with the way you treat others!

Shaking hands is a business greeting!
Meal Manners
Chew with your mouth closed
Use a napkin
Turn your head when you sneeze
Clean up after yourself
Belch or burp
Comb hair around food
Name the older person or the person of higher authority first
Say something about people after introducing them
Ask about the smoking policy
Never smoke if you might offend even one person at work.
Don't smoke in someone's office without asking permission.
Don't feel irritated if the answer is "no."


Oia is pronounced Eea